ABIS follows the guidelines set by
the Supreme Education Council.

Al-Bateel is a privately owned, non-profit, international kindergarten catering for children from all nationalities.
Licensed by the SEC, it delivers an international American programme through the medium of English. Curriculum resources and support are supplied by Oxford Primary International, a widely respected company. A priority is the preparation of all students academically for the next important step. their entrance into Primary school. Regular, targeted planning is undertaken and assessment of/for learning is a feature of our academic programme.
We are supported in this by an international consultancy team, the SSAT, Middle East (see link).
Islamic Studies, Arabic and Qatari History lessons are also delivered.
The school endeavours to deliver a quality education in a pleasant, welcoming, inclusive, caring environment. 
The children are encouraged to develop discovery learning skills. In an age when information is readily available, educational establishments need to adapt their methodologies.
Opportunities to learn outside the confines of the classroom are a priority. The Qatari authorities deserve great credit for providing numerous facilities which are suitable for schools like ours to enhance the learning experiences of our students- Katara, Aspire Park, The National Theatre to name a few.
Trips are arranged at suitable times throughout the year.
We are very proud of the emphasis we put on Music and Drama. Our school shows and various celebrations reflect this.
It goes without saying that students, staff and parents are, at all times, encouraged to recognise, respect and celebrate each others difference, whether it be race, colour, religion, culture, ethnicity, appearance or academic ability.
Sunshine, our Special Needs Class, is a wonderful part of our school.
With over 30 years experience in education in Irish, British and American contexts, and having been a principal for 10 years, I believe that I am in a good position to ensure the continuing success of this small, but excellent school.
I am so pleased to be involved with all these wonderful people and we have great hopes that our primary school will open soon.
Denise Kelleher (Principal)

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