In our classrooms, you will see children engaged in age appropriate learning and play that includes listening, creating, imagining, singing, sharing, interacting, and concentrating. You will see our students learn about themselves, and others; learn about feelings and communicating; learn about moving and doing; and see them acquire thinking skills, all while building an educational foundation on “how to learn” which will prepare them for the rest of their lives.
Children's daily learning experiences include activities that promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle through good food choices, a broad range of experiences, and “Learning Outside the Classroom” adventures.

Special Needs Support Provided

Children with disabilities are, first and foremost, children, and then children who may need support or adaptations for learning. The term "special needs" refers to a wide range of developmental disabilities or learning needs that may occur in different areas and to varying degrees.
Our team of trained professionals are receiving wonderful progress in regards to helping children who have mild to moderate learning difficulties adjust to the demands of a regular classroom program.
Please contact us directly to find out about our wonderful Special Needs Department and how we are supporting children and their families.

Although our school follows an American curriculum, our education plan incorporates classes in Arabic and fosters respect for all cultures. The daily program reflects the kindergartens "Units for Learning" curriculum and literacy, IT and numeracy are integrated throughout the entire program.

Units for Learning include:

  • All About Me (September, October) A discovery of friends and family.
  • For the Love of Books (November, December) A discovery into the world of classic stories, nursery rhymes and adventures!
  • Go, Glow, and Grow (January to March) A discovery of the foods we eat that make us healthy.
  • Project Habitat (April, May) Learning to work together as a group for a common goal.
  • School Concert (June) Acting, singing and dancing come together for a chance to show off newly discovered talents.

Communication and Accountability at ABIK

A typical day at ABIK involves whole group, small group and individual support by the teaching team. The average class is approximately 18 students with a teacher and an assistant. Parents are considered valuable members of the teaching team. Each week a copy of the Weekly Learning Plan is emailed to parents. Besides the daily communication book, parents are kept informed with an Individual Learning Plan, two formal report cards and mandatory parent teacher interviews.